Why Choose WeExpats?

Find out why people choose us to help them insure their adventure.

What we do?

We are insurance brokers that sell insurance products to travelers and expats worldwide. We are a US based company but sell worldwide through our website with offices currently in Mexico and Ecuador.

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What you get by choosing us?

By choosing us you get a dedicated staff to help you choose a reliable insurance broker, for the lowest cost around, as well as a dedicated claims team to help you get your claims approved by the insurance company.

Why people choose us over competitors?

One of the main reasons people choose us is due to our expertise with expats and insurance and how it affects citizens living abroad. We have been in the insurance business for over 30+ years and have been living as expats for over a decade in Mexico.

We are a small company that understands how a retired US or Canadian citizens are affected abroad and can help provide advice on many different situations beyond health insurance.

Why people choose weexpats insurance
WeExpats Cost Compare to other Brokers

How do your prices compare to other brokers?

Prices for insurance by US law is set in stone. We can admit that we have the lowest cost around, but any broker can make the same claim.

By sticking with us, we are here to act as your first line of defense in protecting you against risk, and maximizing your policy from insurance companies.
We take away the complexities of insurance to help you rest assured when stress is high.

Can you truly cover anyone worldwide?

Our insurance covers our clients worldwide excluding a few countries such as North Korea or Cuba due to political reasons.

The majority of our expats we insure are in Mexico but we have clients scattered across the globe from Thailand, to Shanghai, to Ecuador.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with you unique situation to see how we can help

Why people choose weexpats insurance
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