What Is Healthcare in Belize Like?

Introduction to Healthcare in Belize: 


After arriving on San Pedro Island in Belize, one of our contributors set out with a goal of fully understand the healthcare in Belize for expats. He interviewed over a dozen local expats—some of which are our clients like you could be. He then visited a top private hospital and met with a well-referred GP. After looking into healthcare in Belize, he came to the following conclusions that he felt might help you in deciding whether or not expat health insurance is right for you.


The following are his words:



HealthCare in Belize:

  • Healthcare in Belize—specifically on San Pedro Island—is limited because of the nature of island life. 
  • For example, the hospital I visited is considered the best private hospital on the Island. But in an emergency, the most this hospital can do is stabilize your condition. They just don’t have the capabilities to perform operations are at their facility. 
  • Once a person is stabilized, they must evacuate to Mexico or Belize City. The problem is the island has no resources to perform any operations and major surgeries.
  • There is virtually no cancer oncology or endocrinology facilities in Belize. All of these procedures must be outsourced to Mexico. 
  • Medications in Belize are also limited and expensive. Due to strict importation regulations, a lot of medications are sold on the black market—and then who knows what you are actually purchasing. 
  • While Belize City can perform many major operations, the overall feeling among expats in Belize is that they lack trust in the system of healthcare in Belize. The doctor I met with is from the US, and though experienced, she felt more comfortable outsourcing certain procedures where better equipment was available.


Healthcare in San Pedro Island: 

  • The hospital that I visited is considered the best private hospital on San Pedro Island. 
  • Overall the hospital is a nice facility, clearly very clean, though it is lacking the essentials to treat patients for complicated procedures.
  • Their only major equipment is a 3-D XRAY machine and an ultrasound. 
  • The head GP is an American woman named Dr. Renae. She is the go-to expat doctor on San Pedro Island.


Healthcare Costs:

  • Healthcare in Belize is largely more expensive than Mexico. 
  • However, some procedures are less expensive, an angioplasty surgery costs $8,000 USD. 
  • A medical evacuation from San Pedro to Belize City will cost between $5,000 USD and $10,000 USD, depending on the company. RRR Air-Evac is the main company used on the island.
  • Because of the nature of the facilities on San Pedro Island, it is important to have medivac insurance.



  • The general consensus is there are no brokers selling expat insurance in San Pedro Island.
  • The main competition is local insurance mainly www.sagicorlife.com. Sagicor has a very overpriced premium. For example, a 51-year-old women major medical policy runs $90 US a month with only $50,000 BLZ in total coverage—and that is with only providing coverage in the country.
  • Preliminary research suggests that WeExpats’ competitive pricing is a huge benefit to the expat community, because overpriced brokers have no real competition on San Pedro Island.


Things to Gather from Our Investigation into Healthcare in Belize:


  • Belize is not a great location to be stuck with a medical emergency
  • Healthcare in Belize is clean but lacks basic equipment.
  • Many expats prefer to live in Corazal so that they can be evacuated to Chetumal, Mexico in the event of an emergency. 
  • Expat health insurance—like that provided by WeExpats—is a must when living in Belize.
  • You generally have to travel long distances to see a specialist—or any doctor really. Often, doctors are found by word of mouth.
  • Keep a well-stocked first-aid kit in your house in case of emergencies.
  • Medication in Belize is more expensive than in Mexico, and specific prescription medications are often unavailable. Many expats have to resort to finding their medication on the black market.
  • Pregnancy tests are not found on San Pedro Island and must be brought from home.
  • Having a baby in Belize can lead to a lot of unexpected costs.


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Healthcare in Belize – Conclusion:


– Healthcare in San Pedro Island –


For obvious reasons, the healthcare on San Pedro Island is limited. It is a small tropical paradise, however, the island lacks the infrastructure necessary to conduct limited procedures. So, it has to depend a lot on Mexican facilities across the border during an emergency—and for that, you really should get medivac insurance.


– Healthcare in Belize –


Overall though, healthcare in Belize is understandably limited. Even in the major cities, the limitations of healthcare in Belize are typical of one of the smallest and poorest developing nations in the Americas.


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