WeExpats is a broker for the VUMI Expat VIP plan, a plan designed for expats living in Latin America.

What is Expat Insurance?

We are an international health insurance brokerage that sells expat insurance policies to people wherever they are in the world. We are here to help you find the best coverage possible while also helping you with any claims you may have.



VUMI in particular is an international health insurance company, like most expat health insurance plans, they are re-insured by a large company. In this case it is PartnerRE, a Swiss re-insurer that has a strong financial backing with a A+ credit ratings from Moody’s, Standards and Poor, and more.


WeExpats has a dedicated to a 24/7 customer support, with bi-lingual staff to help you when you are in foreign countries trying to navigate the healthcare system.

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How does VUMI work?

VUMI’s policies provides worldwide coverage that allows you to go to practically any doctor or hospital.


The only network you are required to go to, is if you take the US care portion of the plan. They are part of the Aetna network, which is a massive network in the United States with facilities in every state to keep you covered.


Outside the United States, you are allowed to go to any doctor or facility, as long as they practice standard medicine, i.e. FDA approved or European board approved. So besides experimental procedures, you will be covered.


The plan works on either a reimbursement basis, or a direct pay arrangement. What this means is that when you have an emergency or claim, if it is under about $1000 USD, you will pay for it out of pocket and submit for reimbursement.


If it is more than that, the insurer can work with the hospital to issue a Guarantee of Payment to the hospital. In our experience, almost every hospital accepts these guarantees, we have only had one deny it out of the thousands of claims we have filed.

Unique Plan Features?

VUMI’s expat health insurance is like most insurance plans that expat’s can get. With practically every plan you will find, you will get solid care that will cover you for both in-patient, and out-patient care.

That being said, here are some unique features that make this plan awesome!


Maternity benefits – It is very rare you see maternity built in for such a low cost. Having a pregnancy can cost easily thousands of dollars, so if you planning on having a baby soon, this can be a big benefit. It is subject to a ten month waiting period though, so if you are already pregnant it will not be covered.


Accident Deductible Waiver – If you have a serious accident, they will reimburse your deductible in full. This is only for very serious incidences though.


Higher lifetime limits – For only about 10-20% higher cost than competitors like WEA, they offer 50% more lifetime coverage. This can be great if you are younger and expect to hold the plan for a long time, or if you are carrying US coverage where cost can skyrocket easily. For an older couple though, it is very difficult to reach these limits in your lifetime in a country like Mexico.


Worldwide Experience – VUMI Seguros is becoming a leading policy in Latin America right now, with many hospitals and doctors will become more familiar with it over time. This makes claims and emergencies easier to deal with once the hospitals now the insurer and have had many claims with them. They are also starting to gain some traction in countries like Thailand, China, Indonesia, and parts of Europe without good healthcare.


Exclusions – VUMI Insurance isn’t backed by Lloyd’s of London like most other insurers we work with. This gives them different guidelines for making offers on exclusions, which in certain cases can give better offers on coverage. For certain conditions like Cardio, they will take a deeper look into your life and medical history to potential make you a better offer if you can provide the records.

VUMI Expat VIP Plans

As a VUMI Expat Broker we are able to offer you two separate plans.

VUMI Expat VIP Gold

VUMI’s is a mid tier plan with $4,000,000 of coverage. It also includes emergency dental coverage, treatments for hereditary conditions, and more.

VUMI Expat VIP Gold VUMI Mexico Broker

VUMI Expat VIP Platinum

VUMI’s best coverage plan with up to $7,000,0000 dollars of coverage! Including routine dental care, vision, acupuncture, bariatric surgery, massage therapy and more!

VUMI Expat VIP Platinum Mexico Broker

Our VUMI Insurance Review?

Fundamentally, VUMI Group and VUMI health insurance are rock solid and have been around for decades. They have continued to provide great coverage for people that use them. The re-insurer they use is a massive trust that has promised to support the insured regardless to what happens to VUMI.


While VUMI has been around for quite sometime and their core products are very stable, VUMI’s Expat VIP plan has only been around short amount of time. As a broker we are still not 100% how it will pan out in the future with the current coverage rates, and benefits. We have seen many competitors release plans that start out being very decently priced and having unique features like the maternity benefits, only to later raise cost or put exclusions on the coverage to help combat abuse of the plan.


This being said, so far our company gives VUMI a positive review, they have been great to work with, super responsive, and we have had our claims paid out. The future is looking bright for VUMI and we are proud to be a broker for them.

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