Types of Health Plans

As an expat or traveller there a few options.

We understand picking a plan best for you can be a challenging process. This page will help you understand the most common types of health plans to help insure an expats or traveller.

When determining what type of policy to get, the biggest factor in deciding is how long you will be abroad, or, how long you will be out of your home country for.

If you are traveling more than 6 months, it is recommended to get a long term health care policy. This is the most comprehensive plan that you can get to protect you, these plans typically include evacuation, and have the option for life insurance as well. For other use cases, please see below for the pros and cons of each policy offered.

Types of Health Insurance Plans for Travellers and Expats

Short Term Health, or Travelers Insurance

A policy meant to cover you for unexpected accident or illness for a few days or up to one year.

Good idea for those that are not planning to stay abroad for more than 6 months.

  • Simple to apply with no medical policies
  • Purchase a policy and it will be issued instantly
  • Will not cover preexisting conditions
  • Additional travel benefits may be included to cover lost items

  • Policy will terminate at some point
  • An existing condition can be denied due to preexisting conditions

Long Term Health, Permanent Major Medical

A major medical policy that is meant to cover your current and new illness or accidents.

A plan for expats that want full major medical coverage while abroad and if needed, coverage for trips back to the USA.

  • Covers you indefinitely and most policies are guaranteed to be renewed
  • More cost-effective than a short-term policy for long-term expats
  • Health and pre-existing conditions will be reviewed in advance

  • Requires underwriting and possibly a health exam
  • Possibility to be declined

Medical Evacuation Insurance

A policy that provides transportation back to the USA or Canada in the event of a major illness or accident.

A good plan for Americans that have full Medicare Coverage or private insurance in the USA or for Canadians that qualify for Canadian Provincial plans.

  • Easy to qualify for., with limited underwriting
  • Let your home country health plan cover the medical care
  • Some plans cover preexisting conditions after a waiting period
  • No deductibles
  • Receive treatment and care in a familiar environment


  • Only a transport service, will not cover medical expenses abroad.
  • You be hospitalized before being transported and stabilized enough to travel and have coverage in the USA or Canada.
  • Your copays and deductibles might cost more in the USA or Canada than for the actual care abroad.

Medical Tourism

A policy that covers unforeseen complications that might arise from a medical procedure done abroad.

A good plan for people that might be considering bariatric or cosmetic surgery in a foreign country.

  • Simple to purchase
  • Covers a wide range of complications that might arise
  • Provides coverage for up to 1 year for a covered complication
  • Reimburses certain travel expenses
  • Most comprehensive policy offered in the industry

  • Coverage is for unforeseen complications that arise only during the period selected at the time of policy issue (from 1 to 30 days after the procedure).

Expat Life Insurance For Expats

A life insurance policy that will cover the life of an expat

Most life insurance companies in the US and Canada will not insure expats living a majority of their time abroad.

  • The policy that is geared for expats living abroad and the insurance company is aware of your status living abroad
  • Simple underwriting and processing

  • Plan will terminate if you return to your home country
  • Medically underwritten and can exclude deaths from preexisting conditions

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