Travel / Trip Insurance

Insurance to cover short term trips abroad.

What does travel insurance cover?

A short term health and travel insurance plan is designed to cover you for a new illnesses or accident. Policies can be purchased from five days and extended for up to a year. These policies have a defined end date of coverage.

It is very important to note that they are meant to treat a new illness or accidents, not preexisting conditions. Policies have no health questions and one does not need to wait to be be pre-approved for them. Many policies also offer coverage for travel related problems such as missed airplane connections, lost luggage, and cancellation fees.

  • Coverage to $8,000,000 with many deductible options

  • Can be issued to age 85

  • Can be issued within one day with no health checkup

  • World wide coverage

  • Option to cover an occasional trip back to the USA

  • Options to cover trip complications (lost luggage, cancellation, etc.)

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