If you have an emergency, get to the hospital or call your doctor.

In San Miguel the emergency numbers are:

Emergency System – 911
Red Cross (ambulance) – 065 and 120 4524
Once you are stable, and if needed, here are the company numbers to call

Travel MedEvac – 888-963-4933 or 620-344-9225
SkyMed – 800-475-9633 or 480-946-5188
Seven Corners – 800-690-6295 or 317-818-2808
WEA – 800-222-3002 or 305-405-8929
Azimuth Risk – 888-201-8850 or 317-644-6291
Almost all companies require notification of hospitalization. When in doubt, call them!

If you need assistance, I can usually be contacted on my Mexican cell 415-115-6589 or email me (best).

Car accident?

Do not admit fault!
Call the police, Transito or Federales.
Try not to move your car, take pictures of the accident, gather data.
Call the insurance company that will send an adjuster to the accident site.

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