Affiliate Program

Make money by sharing links or referring us business.

Are you a social media influencer, or perhaps a professional with a lot of similar client base to us? Sign up today to earn money by referring us new clients. We have a state of the art affiliate tracking links, marketing material, and dashboard to help you become a successful affiliate.

Affiliate Earnings:

We do our affiliate program on a 3 tier basis. The more you refer to us, the more money you will make. All you have to do is get the client to our website and we will handle it from there. No sales, or client retention will be needed on your end.

Example: Jenny has a successful blog in Cancun and puts an ad up on it for our company that generates 20 leads per month, let’s say two people convert into sales. Most blogs or marketing networks gradually expand over time, increasing the amount of clients you sign up overtime, but for this example we will keep it easy and assume no growth. Lets look how much she will be making after 5 years, with a 90% retention at renewals (average rate).


Year 1 : $72,000 in sales = $7200 in profit


Year 2 : $72,000 in sales, $65,000 in renewals = $10,400 yearly profit


Year 3 : $72,000 in sales, $130,000 in renewals = $23,800 yearly profit


Year 4: $72,000 in sales, $190,000 in renewals = $29,800 yearly profit


Year 5: $72,000 in sales, $245,000 in renewals = $35,000 yearly profit

Potential Earnings:

Average Sale: $3,000

Tier 1 $0-$25,000: 10% of sales, 0% renewals.

Tier 2 $25,000-$100,000: 10% of sales, 5% of renewals.

Tier 3 $100,000+: 15% of sales, 10% renewals

Are you interested? Click below to begin the application. Note, we will not accept affiliates that are not already professionals and already have a plan of action for how they plan to market.

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