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Insurance for Expats in Mexico

We are licensed brokers selling US insurance and Mexican insurance to cover all your expat needs abroad.



This page will have quote links to any insurance product you may need while living in Mexico. It will be a valuable source to help you in the future.


Many of these quote links will be able to offer immediate quotes. The ones that do not will ask simple questions for a broker to help assist you.

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WeExpats Insurance Logo International Health Insurance

WeExpats is a US insurance agency that specializes in expat health insurance. Our insurance plans work Worldwide, whether you are in the United States, Mexico, or Thailand.
All our providers are trusted, US operated companies that have robust policies to allow you to get private specialized care, wherever you decide to live or travel.
By choosing WeExpats you will have the assistance of our full time, Mexican claims manager and translator to assist you with any emergencies or claims you may have abroad.

Novamar Logo White Square

Novamar Insurance is a Mexican insurance agency that has been operating in Mexico for more than 15 years.
They will help fill the gaps for any localized Mexican insurance products that you may need. Including your home, car, moto, boat, business, etc.
Novamar has a full bilingual staff with brokers that specialize in each type of product. They will help you get the best policy for your life while living in Mexico.

Long Term Health Insurance – Insurance if your abroad 6+ months

This health insurance that will cover you in 193+ countries, including Mexico and the United States. Full major medical insurance to cover you in practically any situation.

Tourist Auto Insurance – Insurance for foreign plated cars in Mexico

If you have a vehicle with US or Canadian plates in Mexico, this is the insurance for you. It can cover Cars, Trucks, Vans, RV’s and Motorcycles with full liability and coverage from loss.

Short Term / Travel Insurance – Insurance abroad for < 6 months

Health insurance for short term trips, mostly covers medical emergencies with benefits beyond health including trip protection.

Resident Auto Insurance – Insurance for Mexican plated cars in Mexico

This is insurance for vehicles bought in Mexico, make sure to keep your factura.

Medical Evacuation – Plans to get you home where you can be treated

These plans help evacuate you home in the case of an emergency. Great for seniors on Medicare that can’t qualify for long term care due to pre-existing conditions. Our plans will bring you to your hospital of choice, unlike other competitors.

Homeowners / Renters – Insurance for the belongings and / or structure

This insurance will insure valuable items in your house, as well as an option to insure the structure of your home.

Medical Tourism – Plans to cover complications in surgeries

This is a unique plan that will cover any complications that arise during or after a surgery. Great plan for people that self insure but want some extra protection during surgeries.

Boat – Insurance for your boat or yacht

This insurance will cover your boat or yacht against disasters like hurricanes.

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High Coverage / Low Cost

All of our expat policies offer premium, high coverage policies, at a low cost.

Personal Experience

Our small team is here for you to help you get a plan for your unique needs, and help you get the most out of your policy.

Multiple Vendors

We will pick the best insurance provider to suit your needs and budget. We are not tied to any single provider.

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