Medical Tourism Insurance

Insurance to cover medical operations abroad.

What Medical Tourism Insurance Covers

  • 24/7 Travel Assistance
  • Unexpected Trip Cancellation
  • Unforeseen Complications of Medical Treatment
  • Any Travel Expenses Up to 12 Months to Visit the Doctor Due to Complications
  • Other Travel Expenses: Transportation, Meals, Accommodations
  • Extra Medical Expenses to Doctors & Hospitals


Cosmetic and other necessary medical and dental procedures offered in countries like Mexico can be performed at much lower costs than in the States and Canada. Other pros to having operations performed in countries like Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico are the high quality medical services, the friendly and warm culture, and the beautiful beaches and towns in which to recuperate. These points are making medical tourism a very appealing alternative for patients and even industry companies alike. As with most things that sound too good to be true, there are certain concerns.

Inherent risks and the possibility of additional expenses is true of any surgery, regardless of how minor it may be. Every precaution can be taken by surgeons, hospital staff and even the patient, but complications can still occur because of outside conditions. Whatever the case may be, these extra costs will be coming out of your pocket since the procedure itself was self-paid. Therefore, a Medical Tourism Insurance Policy is as important as your passport.

Novamar’s Medical Tourism Insurance Policy covers any additional hospital, lodging, and medical expenses that might occur due to complications. It offers the highest coverage limit for a policy of its kind throughout the world. Not only does this provide you, the patient, with peace of mind, but it also covers the doctors and hospitals as well.

Anyone traveling to a country like Mexico, Argentina, or Colombia for cosmetic or necessary procedures should be covered by this insurance.

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