How to Find a Home in San Miguel de Allende to Rent

Find a house to rent in san miguel de allende mexico

Home rental in San Miguel de Allende are easy to find if you know what to look for. Here are a few tips when it comes to finding and selecting an apartment or home to rent.


First, don’t rent anything here without visiting and getting to know the area. Many people panic and get the first place that they can find. Instead, come down and rent something for a month. Get a feel for the city, see what neighborhoods you gravitate towards.


The city has so many different neighborhoods. In a city that is really only a few dozen square miles, there is a distinct feel from one block to the next. Ask yourself, What do I find yourself doing every day? Your answer will be a huge insight into which neighborhood you’ll want your home rental to be in. Also, there is no relationship between price, quality, and location. We have friends that rent 5-bedroom mansions for $500 US a month and others that have tiny apartments for $900 a month.

Often, many people start their home rental experiences living high up or way out of town. There are many homes that are on the hill overlooking the city. These locations have beautiful views and breathtaking sunsets, however they are a pain to get to and from the center of town. Maybe you spend most of your time at home—maybe you work from your home, and you don’t mind taking your car or taxis everywhere. If so, it’s not a problem. However, if you enjoy living in the city and walking everywhere, “The Flats” might be a better choice. These are the lower-elevation areas surrounding the center of town.


One real benefit of a longer stay is that you will discover the feel for neighborhoods and their nuances. For example, are there barking dogs day and night? Is there a welding shop that sputters fumes all day Is there a school that starts at 6:30 am with laughing screaming children? Are there church bells going off day and night under your windows? Some neighborhoods are walkable day and night. Others you would not want to be caught after sundown. Do you need a local bus to take you? Do you need restaurants and stores to access easily near your home rental? Maybe you want to be near the library, the Parque Juarez, coffee shops, El Jardín? Or perhaps you might need land for your horses or dogs.

As you can see, there are so many variables!



If you are looking for a real estate agent to help you, we recommend Elisa Lopez, she will help you find units within your price, help sign legal contracts to protect you, get things fixed in the house before you move in, and all around is a wonderful person. Note we have used her in the past many times and do not receive any compensation or anything from our recommendation. (zero zero)

+52 415 112 3713

Check out the following resources in your search for home rentals if you would like to go at it alone:

Additionally, nothing beats hitting the pavement, walking the neighborhoods and looking for “Se Renta” rent sign that advertises a location opening up. When you are here, ask everyone and anyone you meet. San Miguel de Allende is a small town, you will be surprised how effective that is.

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  • Leslie Larsen

    Thank you for the great suggestions! I’m really looking forward to coming to San Miguel de Allende!

  • Blake Lannon

    Thank you will appreciate all the help
    Can’t wait!

  • Yolanda

    Thanks! Great advice. I’m in San Miguel de Allende for a month in a cute private air BnB, but my purpose is to see if it’s a good fit for me to live in this awesome town.. so I’m curious about rentals, prices etc.

  • Blake Lannon

    Will be there this week to find a temporary place. When I’m there I want to find a permanent little heaven

  • `leslet mcshane

    thank you for this blog. Are there places you can meet other expats eg volunteer Clubs. Restaurants/bars, I HAVE LIVED 24YEARS IN San Felipe BAJA

    • Justin Barsketis

      Hanks is a expat hangout, 007 is good for sports watching, Berlin happy hour for heavy drinking, Tupimamba thursdays for live music, Oso Azul Karoke Night and maybe McCarthys if your a bit younger

  • Jim & Rita

    Thank you for the information. We’re wanting to RENT/LEASE and heading from Kansas City, KS in Spring 2020. We’re looking at San Miguel and Guanajuato. These links will be very helpful. Much appreciated. Suggestions and advice are very welcome.

    • Raf Bracho

      Hello Jim and Rita,

      You’re very welcome. In fact, this website might be able to help you as well. I’m going to add it to the content right this minute to help other people as well.

      All our best and be sure to look us up in San Miguel if you need health insurance for expats for a GREAT value!

  • Mary Gugino

    Hello expat community. I am currently visiting San Miguel and am interested in spending a few months or more in San Miguel again soon. I live in the artist community of Taos New Mexico and would like to find someone who may want to do a home exchange. If this is of interest and you have a condo or home in area of or near Colonia Guadalupe or the area close to the Rosewood Hotel please contact me. Mary

  • Phyllis

    Hi- I recently signed a 12 month lease in San Miguel de Allende, I used a local realtor an America. One week after a moved in a very large construction project stared- the pounding, electric saws start 7:45 am going to 6:pm Monday-Friday . The realitor nor homeowner informed me of this disturbing long term noise. Is this a case that I can get out of my lease without penalty? Hope so! Gracias

    • Raf Bracho

      Hello Phyllis, we would recommend speaking to Sonia Diaz. She is based right in San Miguel de Allende and she is a legal expert that works with expats. I am sure she can give you the proper information.

      All our best.


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