Goodbye Seguro Popular – So What’s Next? Find Out What’s Happening in EASY Plain English

Goodbye Seguro Popular – So What’s Next?

Find Out What’s Happening in EASY Plain English


Goodbye Seguro Popular – Introduction:


If you follow the Mexican news, then you might have seen the latest news on Seguro Popular. Mexican President López Obrador (AMLO) and his government have decided to scrap the long-standing Seguro Popular healthcare system in favor of what he believes will be a better system. 


So goodbye Seguro Popular; but now you might have the question: So what’s next? 


Goodbye Seguro Popular – What is Seguro Popular:


As you might recall from our article on Public Healthcare in Mexico, there used to be two main systems of public healthcare in Mexico: IMSS and Seguro Popular.

– Recap About IMSS –


IMSS is Mexico’s social security institute. Mexicans pay and then they receive the benefits from this program. If you have a temporary or permanent residency, then you could also pay to join the IMSS. It’s very affordable, has good doctors, and the IMSS has a decent (though limited) supply of medication. But it also has little to no amenities, lacking personal service (like meals in hospital stays), and if you have a pre-existing condition, then you are likely barred from joining.

– Recap About Seguro Popular –


Seguro Popular used to be even worse. It was there for people who could not afford IMSS or were ineligible due to pre-existing conditions. Once again, expats with temporary or permanent residency could apply. If you had money to pay, then you would be charged based on what you could afford. If you had no money, then you could apply to get the benefits for free. Seguro Popular’s healthcare was the most barebones care in all of Mexico—exactly what you would expect from a developing nation with often inadequate and antiquated facilities.


Goodbye Seguro Popular – So What is AMLO Doing?


As you might recall from our in-depth article on the subject, AMLO is basically integrating the IMSS, ISSSTE, and Seguro Popular (as well as other organizations like la SEDENA) under a new organization called Instituto de Salud para el Bienestar (INSABI). 


Starting January 1st, 2020, this new program will offer free medical attention and medications for all Mexican citizens without restrictions. This will also apply to legal residents.

Mexican President López Obrador claims this is a retaking of Mexico’s healthcare system which was slowly being dismantled and privatized. Now even the most disenfranchised citizens can benefit from the healthcare that is necessary to ensure a thriving population and society.


Mexican citizens will not need to pay fees or join organizations to receive a policy. The only requirements that Mexican citizens will need will be any one of the following:


  • Mexican birth certificate
  • INE (voter registration card)
  • CURP (Mexican equivalent of a social security number)


*In addition to presenting an official document, Mexican citizens will also be required to not have social security with the IMSS or the ISSSTE. 


Goodbye Seguro Popular – What is the New Program?


The new program that will replace Seguro Popular is called Instituto de Salud para el Bienestar (Health Institute for Welfare)—with the acronym INSABI. It will have a budget of $80B MXN (the equivalent of $4.25B USD) being provided by the Mexican Fund for Catastrophy Protection Expenses.


Instead of local governments being in charge of their own hospitals and health centers, now they will be under the direct control of INSABI. They hope that this consolidation will be able to deliver medical supplies and prescription medication to the most remote parts of Mexico—or as AMLO said, everywhere “Coca Cola and Sabritas products reach”.


In addition, doctors, nurses, specialists, and other medical personnel will be offered financial incentives to reside in poor rural communities so that all marginalized Mexican citizens can benefit from this program. This move will cover 64 million Mexican citizens who do not currently have health insurance. 


Goodbye Seguro Popular – How Will This Affect Expats?


It is still unclear how this move will affect expats. In short, INSABI is not for foreigners. Therefore, you might think that it will not affect you at all.

If you are a temporary or permanent resident who has been buying into Mexican social security programs then you can still get service from the IMSS or ISSSTE facilities. However, you may want to recognize that the services will be available to all Mexican citizens now.

This could mean longer lines with medical resources and hospital staff stretched thin—certainly thinner than before. 


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Comments (10)

  • Michael Hertz

    I think AMLO should specifically include ex pats with Medicare and then ask Medicare to give INSABI money to take care of them. He would specifically provide that any expenses of caring for Medicare ex pats would be less than what Medicare would need to pay. That would make it a win-win for INSABI, Medicare, and the patients (who would no longer have to return to the U.S. for treatment).

    • Raf Bracho

      That’s an interesting idea Michael Hertz.

    • dogtags40

      An interesting idea, but HIGHLY unlikely. Logically (economically speaking), Medicare should have always paid for its members’ health care in Mexico. It could save them a fortune. I suspect that the influence of corporate interests plays a part in the decision. If that changes, it won’t be under the current administration.

  • Dennis Croteau

    Hope to return to Canada, been here 13 years as permanent resident. Spend lots of money here pay taxes etc.Health care free in Canada, will visite Mexico for holidays only..Thank you Mexico for wonderful time.

    • Raf Bracho

      There’s no need to leave Mexico. Why don’t you get fully covered by WeExpats?

    • Ekaterina

      Healthcare is not FREE in Canada. It is provided by high taxes and incredibly high wait times in emergency rooms and high wait times to see a specialist

  • Dennis Croteau

    Well back to Canada ,health insurance free. Lived in mexico 13 years spend lots of money here but now no health insurance will sell and leave Mexico..

  • Arlene Tackett

    I am a duel citizen, USA, Mexico. I have my voters card. My husband has permanent resident card. We have lived here for 26 years. How will this affect us?
    We own our own home.

    • Raf Bracho

      Hello Arlene, this will stretch the resources very thin. The best thing you can do is purchase expat health insurance.

      You should fill out a free quote for more information. It only takes a minute!


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