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WeExpats is a global insurance broker that helps expats and travelers worldwide get low cost, high coverage insurance policies to help insure their adventures abroad. We are not tied to any individual provider and will recommend the best policies for you.



Start of my contacting us to see how we can help your unique situation. We will ask you some basic questions and make recommendations to your free of charge to help you determine what the best policies there are for you. Once decided we will walk you through any underwriting that may be needed my the provider, and help you make your first payment to activate your policy.


Once you have made your purchase we are here to help you understand and fully utilize your policy. We are here for you in case of any emergency or questions you may have. If you do have to file a claim we will provide you with a list of documentation insurance companies typically request, help talk to the hospitals if needed and help you file your claims.

Worldwide Health Insurance

Get healthcare that covers you wherever you decide to live in the world. You can choose your own doctor, your own hospitals, and best yet, choose the price range and coverage that best suits you.

Travel / Trip Insurance

When traveling abroad on shorter trips (< 6 months), make sure you have travel insurance. Most healthcare plans do not work in foreign countries. Get coverage to help cover unforeseen trip expenses.

Medical Tourism Insurance

When traveling abroad for a less expensive medical operations, make sure to get insurance to cover any complications or unforeseen cost that can arise during surgery.

Medical Evacuation

If you have great healthcare insurance in your home country but live abroad we recommend getting evacuation insurance. This insurance gets you back home safe in case of an emergency.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can provide for your family during the worst case scenarios. We offer life insurance policies to people living abroad to help families have the reassurance that their families will be taken care of.

Other Expat Insurance

We work with a network of worldwide insurance providers and can help you get insured for anything you need. Whether it is a car, an Airbnb rental, or a commercial restaurant, contact us to see how we can help.

We understand insurance can be overwhelming, click below to set up a time to contact with our sales representative to see how we can help you.

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