Chiang Mai Hospital: Best Hospitals in Chiang Mai for Expats

There are many places in Thailand that cater to foreigners, however none quite like Chiang Mai. The city seems to have both eyes fixed on the future while having both feet firmly rooting in its past. Perhaps, this is why it has become such a haven for digital nomads and expats alike.

When we reside in other countries, we can never know what the future holds. Accidents do happen, and emergencies can occur. Therefore, WeExpats has put together a list of hospitals in Chiang Mai that are conducive to service expats. Whether you’re retired in Chiang Mai or just living and working remotely, this article may hold the key to finding the Chiang Mai hospital for you. The following Chiang Mai hospitals have top-tier facilities, sterile conditions, modern equipment, and stellar service so that you can get access to quality healthcare in Chiang Mai.



This Chiang Mai hospital is one of the most popular hospitals with expats and nomads alike. Established by Chiang Mai University Medical Faculty in 1997, Sriphat Hospital has top-notch medical attention at very reasonable prices. With over 200 doctors, specialists, and consultants—because of its affiliation with Chiang Mai University—it has the fastest response time in Chiang Mai. You can expect to be attended to quickly, even if you arrive without an appointment. This hospital has its own 24-hour ambulance service in case of an emergency. You can see why it was one of the Chiang Mai hospitals recommended for the 15th ASEAN 2010 University Games.

*To see the location of Sriphat Medical Center, click here.

*To see their website, click here.



Bangkok Hospitals are a large chain of private hospitals—and therefore it is one of the more prominent hospitals in Chiang Mai. It is known to serve expats and locals alike with competent staff and modern equipment. This Chiang Mai hospital has a wide range of services with their own specialist clinics, including a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and an Oncology Clinic. The particular branch in Chiang Mai has won several awards from the JCI—an organization which sets the bar for top-tier service in the healthcare industry outside of the United States—making it one of the most accredited Chiang Mai hospitals.


*To see the location of Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai, click here.

*To see their website, click here.



Chiangmai Ram is a group of several hospitals in Chiang Mai which have the highest level of facilities and staff. These Chiang Mai hospitals have many locations throughout Chiang Mai making it easy to find one near you. Reviews can often be found for each individual location, click here for more information. However, they do have their main hospital location which acts as a central hub for their services.

The staff all speak some level of English, and the accommodations are similar to a hotel where you stay for a while, sleep there, and you are fed while you are treated for any condition you may have. For this reason, prices are higher than most other Chiang Mai hospitals, but you do get an all-inclusive service for what you are paying.


*To locate Chiang Mai Ram Hospital, click here.

*To see their website, click here.



Chiang Mai neurological hospital is one of the finest neurological hospitals in the country, therefore it has made our list of best Chiang Mai hospitals. This Chiang Mai hospital is known for treating neurological issues related to the brain. They have an excellent track record in caring for victims of stroke. With a capacity of 240 beds, this hospital is often referred patients with neurological conditions from other hospitals in the area. It is also one of the leading research centers in the area with many students coming to intern at Chiang Mai Neurological Hospital to understand the inner-workings of the brain through specialist courses. It is the best hospital in Chiang Mai for any sort of neurological conditions.


*To locate Chiang Mai Neurological Hospital, click here.

*To see their website, click here.



Founded in 1888 by American Presbyterian missionaries to Thailand, McCormick Hospital is recognized as one of the best hospitals in Chaing Mai. This Chiang Mai hospital serves 20,000 in-patients each year. Complete with an English-fluent staff, this hospital in Chiang Mai has a top-tier, fully-equipped emergency center that is open 24-hours. It is also ISO certified to ensure the proper care awarded to any patient. Many Protestant American expats feel welcome here because of their common Christian ties. Regardless, it is an exception hospital for anyone.


To locate McCormick Hospital, click here.

To see their website, click here.



Serving 200,000 people annually, Rajavej Hospital in Chiang Mai is certainly an honorable mention among the best hospitals in Chaing Mai for expats. Their attentive, knowledgeable, and professional staff mirror their clean and well-equipped hospital rooms. With over 40 consultants, specialists, and physicians, Rajavej Hospital attracts locals, expats, and even medical tourists from other countries.


To locate Rajavej Hospital, click here.

To see their website, click here.

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  • Calum Burn

    McCormick is actually an Irish tinkers name so presbyterian to me never sounds correct from a catholic country. But they do know how to charge and give commission many ways, I went by mistake once for a proceedure which was obvious to any doctor from the UK that I did not need so indeed I would not recommend them. The thai woman who took me is long gone.

    • Raf Bracho

      Thank you for your input Calum. We appreciate your thoughts.

  • Bob Fonow

    I have had good treatment at Rajavej. Their full spectrum physical is a very good service at a very reasonable price. Across the street from the Holiday Inn.

    • Raf Bracho

      Great input Bob! Thanks so much for commenting. 🙂

  • Charissa

    My husband had a nightmare experience at Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai trying to get a vasectomy at this hospital. We are trying to post it around to prevent others from having the same experience. His doctor was Dr. Wittawat Rawiyotai, who should not be in practice at all based on what happened during the surgery. Vasectomies are supposed to be relatively quick and painless; my husband’s surgery at this hospital took 1.5 hours and he was in excruciating pain during the whole time. The doctor was acting very confused, and my husband asked several times if they could bring in another doctor, but they did not. Several nurses were in the room but did nothing for my husband. At the end of the procedure, the doctor was video chatting with another doctor to ask what to do!

    Afterwards, the doctor told my husband the surgery was complicated because of a varicocele. However, my husband went to another very well-qualified Western doctor for a follow-up a week later and was told he had no varicocele, and there is conceivable reason the surgery should have taken that long. My husband’s recovery was long and he was having pain for months later.

    Then, to top it off, at the 3-month follow-up, we discovered the surgery was not even successful–my husband was still very fertile!

    He had the procedure done later in America and it was completely uncomplicated, relatively painless, easy to recover from, and was successful based on follow-up results.

    We followed up with this hospital to tell them of the situation, and they offered to pay us money but with the requirement that we not share our experience. They also refused to remove Dr Rawiyotai or restrict him from performing vasectomies. We refused the hush-up money, as we want to prevent as many people as possible from having to undergo the traumatic experience that my husband underwent.

    • Raf Bracho

      We are so sorry to hear this Charissa. Well, the information is public here on this article.

      We hope this message finds you well.

  • Matt G

    The problem with most doctors in Chiang Mai is that if you read their profiles, they are all graduates of CMU with no western training. Most of them are not capable of performing surgical procedures, so their primary goal is to get you to do many tests so they can charge you. I was misdiagnosed as having TB by Dr. Bhatia, a chest guy at Chiang Mai Ram. After taking a horrible medication for 2 months he finally admitted I didn’t have TB, but he kept lying and changing his story. CMR also charged me for a CT scan which they never did. I don’t know about Bangkok, but I would definitely avoid having any procedures done in CM unless they are minor.

    • Raf Bracho

      Fascinating Matt! That’s very good information. Thanks for letting us know!


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