Breast Cancer

Jalisco Approves Free Breast Reconstruction for Breast Cancer Survivors

In a landmark initiative, the Mexican state of Jalisco has approved free breast reconstruction for breast cancer survivors. In this article, you will learn about breast reconstruction surgery in Mexico, what is being covered, and why this is so necessary to women after breast cancer. Click here to learn more!

New Mexican Bank

Banco del Bienestar – Mexico Is Opening a New Mexican Bank

The Mexican government has decided to open up its own bank. This new Mexican bank will be called the Banco del Bienestar. However, it has affectionately been dubbed the Bank of the Poor. Learn about this new bank’s beginnings and the plan for its future in this article. Click here to learn more!

Mexican tourism fell in 2019

Tourism to Mexico Fell in 2019 – Predicted to Keep Falling

Tourism to Mexico fell in 2019. It is predicted to keep falling in 2020 and the coming years. In this article, you’ll find out why Mexican tourism is in decline, and how this will affect expats living there. Tourism in Mexico is the lifeblood of the Mexican economy. Click here to learn more!

Mexican minimum wage

How Raising Minimum Wage in Mexico Can Affect You

Did you know that they are raising minimum wage in Mexico? In this article, you’ll learn about how this wage increase came about, whether it will affect inflation rates, and how this could affect the lives of American expats for better and worse. Click here to learn more!

Canadian Provincial Healthcare

Canadian Provincial Healthcare: Ontario Is Cutting Out-of-Country Medical Insurance

In this article, you will learn the basics of Canadian provincial healthcare, why Ontario is cutting their out-of-country medical coverage, who will be affected by these changes, the objections to Ontario is cutting their provincial plan, and the defenses to those objections. Click here to learn more!

Changes to how to dial in Mexico

How to Dial in Mexico

Because of recent changes to the phone system in Mexico, WeExpats decided to write an article on how to dial in Mexico. In this article, you will learn the new way to call from a landline to a cellphone, from a cellphone to a landline, and from a foreign country to Mexico. Click here to learn more!

New US tariffs placed on Mexican steel

United States Applies Tariffs to Mexican Steel

In this article, you’ll learn about new tariffs placed on the steel industry in Mexico. Discover why the United States is placing them, and what the Mexican government is doing to prevent further tariffs on fabricated steel in Mexico. This comes on the day the Mexican Finance Minister resigns. Click here to learn more!

American Expats in France

American Expats in France Win Battle Over IRS

In this article, you will learn about how American expats in France have been double charged by the IRS, and how the legal battle that ensued has led to hundreds of thousands of US expats in France can now claim millions of dollars in refunds. Also, learn what an Accidental American is. Click here to learn more!

Colorado River Water Usage

US – Mexico Sign Drought Deal Over Colorado River Water

In this article, you will earn about the US – Mexico relations over the water usage of the Colorado River. Learn about the latest drought contingency plans that have been signed, what water concessions are required from both countries, and who will be affected in the US and Mexico. Click here to learn more!

Long stay visa requires medical insurance

Mandatory Health Insurance Required for Long Stay Visas in Thailand

Thailand issued a new requirement for their Long Stay visa: mandatory health insurance. In this article, you’ll learn who these requirements apply to and how much medical coverage is required. Also, you’ll learn what special dispensations there may be, and how the government may address them. Click here to learn more.

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