American Bank Accounts Without International Fees

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Avoid international fees with these banks


If you are interested in avoiding international fees, like ATM fees in foreign countries or exchange rate fees, then there are a few options open to those Americans who want an American bank account without international fees. WeExpats has put together some solutions for you to consider if you are an expat or if you travel frequently.



One of the banks found prevalent among American expats is Charles Schwab. This bank has a superb account called the Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking Account. The amazing thing about this checking account is that is has no ATM fees—anywhere. With a competitive Annual Percentage Yield of 0.35%, Charles Schwab becomes a solid option for expats for an American bank account without international fees. Charles Schwab’s checking accounts offer no minimum balance with no monthly service fees. You can pay bills online and get standard check—as well as get a Visa Platinum Debit Card—at no cost to you.

This Charles Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking Account is linked to a brokerage account—which also has no minimums and no monthly service charges. This checking account is intended to attract customers to trade via Charles Schwab, however it does have some requirements, such as a minimum investment of $1,000 USD in cash and/or securities to open the brokerage account (or $2,000 USD in cash and/or securities to open a brokerage margin account) before you can get the checking account with all the perks. However, you don’t have to make any trades or carry a minimum balance once you open the brokerage account—so if you can afford it, the Charles Schwab is a viable option for an American bank account without international fees.



Fidelity is another option for an American bank account without international fees. Fidelity is one of the more prevalent options for those American expats living abroad. If you’re trying to avoid international bank fees, then Fidelity could be a viable option for you.

Fidelity is often advertised as having no ATM fees worldwide through their Fidelity Debit Card. However, Fidelity technically does have ATM fees, they are automatically reimbursed into your account. Fidelity also has no minimum balances, and it is easy to move money between your Fidelity accounts. Fidelity checking accounts require no monthly fees and the FDIC insurance is 5 times more than a typical bank’s coverage—up to $1,250,000 USD! Fidelity also offers free mobile check deposit, free checkwriting, and free Fidelity BillPay which make the bank account an ideal choice for an American bank account without international fees. You do not have to have a brokerage account to obtain a Fidelity Cash Management Account, however there may be restrictions upon opening the account.



Chase Sapphire Reserve is a special credit card with several benefits to travelers. The Chase Sapphire Reserve card has a 17.99% – 24.99% APR, however it also has an annual fee of $450 USD. However, in return you will receive 3 times the points that can be put toward hotels, airfare, dining, and cafes. Furthermore, if you put $4,000 USD on your card in the first 3 months of opening your account, you will receive 50,000 bonus points—which is worth roughly $750 USD.

There are also other perks for travelers. For example, $300 USD which were spent on travel expenses are reimbursed to you on your account’s anniversary. You will also get perks such as auto rental collision damage coverage which will cover a rental car for $75,000 in the United States or abroad. You can get lost luggage reimbursement, trip cancellation and trip delay insurance. You will even get emergency evacuation and transportation insurance among other perks. You get Global Entry or TSA PreCheck credit, as well as complimentary airport lounge access to 1,000+ lounges in over 500 cities. You will even get special benefits at a variety of top hotels throughout the world. And of course, with Chase Sapphire Reserve you will have no foreign transaction fees when you are outside of the United States. This is one of the best solutions to having an American bank account without international fees.



Aspiration brands itself as a unique solution to the problem of big banks. Instead, they offer premium service with every extra service fee is presented to the customer at cost. Aspiration only makes money via their Pay What Is Fair policy. This means that they operate on donation, and the customer pays them whatever they think is fair—even if that amount is nothing.

That’s right. There are no-fee IRAs, high-interest banking service fees, or international fees other than what it costs the bank. All their profits are made on the company’s policy of trust and faith. Furthermore, 10% of every dollar that is paid to Aspiration is donated back into charities that help Americans who struggle financially to build a better future. Therefore, Aspiration is an American bank account without international fees except whatever you are willing to pay.



These are the most prevalent options for American bank accounts without international fees, however they are not the only solutions. If you have another American bank account without international fees, then please comment below.

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