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WeExpats is an international insurance broker that provides low cost healthcare products to people living or traveling around the globe.

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WeExpats provides a variety of products to help you insure your adventure abroad. Click below to learn more about the different insurance policies.

Worldwide Health Insurance

Get healthcare that covers you wherever you decide to live in the world. You can choose your own doctor, your own hospitals, and best yet, choose the price range and coverage that best suits you.

Travel / Trip Insurance

When traveling abroad on shorter trips (< 6 months), make sure you have travel insurance. Most healthcare plans do not work in foreign countries. Get coverage to help cover unforeseen trip expenses.

Medical Tourism Insurance

When traveling abroad for a less expensive medical operation, make sure to get insurance to cover any complications or unforeseen cost that can arise during surgery.

Medical Evacuation

If you have great healthcare insurance in your home country but live abroad we recommend getting evacuation insurance. This insurance gets you back home safe in case of an emergency.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can provide for your family during the worst case scenarios. We offer life insurance policies to people living abroad to help families have the reassurance that their families will be taken care of.

Other Expat Insurance

We work with a network of worldwide insurance providers and can help you get insured for anything you need. Whether it is a car, an Airbnb rental, or a commercial restaurant, contact us to see how we can help.

Why Choose Us

We are a team of professional insurance brokers that put our clients first. We are expats living abroad and understand the difficulties that can arise.

Quality To Cost WeExpats International Health Insurance

Quality to Cost

All of our policies are picked to provide the best quality possible for the lowest cost possible. We understand that many of our clients appreciate a good bargain and will offer the best prices on the market.

Personalized Support WeExpats International Health Insurance

Personalized Support

Our small team will be there for you anytime there is an issue. We have an in house claims department to help make sure claims are processed on time, correctly, and work closely with insurance providers to protect our clients interest.

Multiple Vendors WeExpats International Health Insurance

Multiple Vendors

Every year we take a look at any new insurance policies and pick the best ones to recommend to our clients. We are not tied to any one insurance provider, we will work to benefit our clients over providers.

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Additional Help

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions by potential clients. If you don't see your questions answered here, head over to our frequently asked questions page for a more complete list.

What is the point of using a broker?

Every year we assess all the providers out in the market to help our clients get the best coverage, for the lowest cost. We also have a support staff to help you with emergencies and file claims when you need it most.

We help act as the middle man between you, the insurance company, and the hospitals / doctors to increase your chances of getting a claim paid. This can be a very overwhelming experience and we are here to help walk you through it.

Click on the live chat in the bottom right to ask any questions you may have, lets see how we can assist you.

What kind of support to you offer clients?

Claim Filing - Let us help you file your claim, insurance companies are notorious for denying claims for missing or misfiled paperwork. Our team files 100’s of claims a year so we know what to do to increase the chances of approval.

Renewals - We will help remind you to stay insured, too often we hear of cases where people thought they were covered during emergencies only to find out they missed their last premium and are out of coverage.

Insurance Vetting - We are not tied to any one insurance provider, we are constantly looking for the best expat products worldwide to help our clients rest assured with the best products.

General Support - We are expats living abroad, we are here to help you ease yourself into life abroad. Check out our blog for constant articles related to living abroad, or contact us with any questions you may have.

Are your insurance providers reliable institutions?

Yes, we only work with reliable insurance companies that have been in the business for decades.

Our current main health providers has been in business for 20 years and is backed by the Lloyd's of London trust.

What kind of coverage do your plans have?

Our plans will cover any illness or emergency procedure worldwide. Our long term plans can include wellness, maternity, prescription, intensive care, etc. Please generate a quote to receive full policy details.

You can find out more information by clicking the link in the header above.

What countries do I get coverage in?

With over 195 countries supported, there are only a few countries not supported due to the nature of healthcare in their country (Cuba, North Korea, etc). Our policies typically work worldwide, any doctor, any facility.

The only exemption to this is in the United States, where our long term plans are part of the United Healthcare Network, you can see a list of supported facilities here,

How much does worldwide insurance typically cost?

Vacationer to Mexico, 1 week, Age 51
Recommended Plan: IMG Short Term
Cost: $25.28 for one week $500,000 maximum w/ $250 deductible

Young Traveler (Nomad): age 28, Male, Full time coverage
Deductible Reimbursed in Mexico, and Thailand for Emergencies, Illnesses, and Surgeries
Worldwide Coverage including the US
Maternity, Wellness Benefits, Yearly Limits instead of Lifetime
Cost: $93 a month

Retired Couple with Medicare
Annual Coverage, Ages 65, 66, Worldwide Excluding United States
Full major medical, any facility outside the United States, $1000 deductible
Cost: $395 per month combined cost.

Our Clients Say

Don't take our word for it, here are some testimonials from our current clients.

We moved to San Miguel in 2012 and used a online only insurance agent. Big mistake We could not reach him when we need help, never returned emails. We switched to Aldis and could not be happier. His service is first class and good to have someone who actually lives here, help us.


Moving to Mexico can be daunting. Aldis helped us sort through all the options that were available. He knows Mexico, and he knows the American Health System. Could not be happier with his help and what he set up for us.


Recently I had an emergency surgery. Aldis helped me with the hospital, contacted the insurance company and arranged for the company to pay the hospital directly. A real lifesaver.


I have used WeExpats for 3 years, I had minor surgery that post operative turned into a critical infection. After numerous surgeries and time in the hospital I could not believe how quickly the bills added up. WeExpats helped me file claims and deal with the paperwork. Thank goodness I had insurance, thank goodness I had WeExpats.


We needed help in understanding  insurance choices for our trip to Mexico. I wanted the best , and most cost effective options. WeExpats has been superb in enabling us to make the choices. Their commitment to service, their experience living in Mexico and professional expertise and insight are second to none.


We thought we were properly protected for our annual snowbird trip to Puerto Vallarta. WeExpats reviewed what we set up with another broker and showed the gaping holes in coverage we had for our Medical Evacuation Policy. We now know that we are properly protected.


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